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Scabious Flower Tutorial



Scabious Flower Tutorial

Scabious Flower

In 19 steps

This 'How To' shows you how to make fully edible Scabious (Scabiosa) flowers. The flowers are made using a clever all-in-one mould complete with flower heart and edible stamens.

Roll out white and green gum paste


Roll out white and green gum paste thinly. Cut out circles and place them between plastic sheets to prevent them from drying out. Now fold an aluminum foil cup using your hand and the tea strainer. Just push it in your palm of your hand. Make one for each flower.

Dust the gum paste


Dust the gum paste and the mould. Put the gum paste circle on the mould and push slightly with one finger on the center.

create a wood pattern


Make a little ball the size of the flower center. Dampen one side of the boll so the boll will glue and stick to the flower centre. Push the ball with one finger to flatten the surface a bit.

Form the roll into a circle


Press firmly using the corn flower puff and both hands to created a detailed impression in the gum paste. If you do this using your hands directly the paste will easily break.

cut away the excess


Turn the mould upside down using one hand to carefully release the gum paste from the mould. You can turn the mould a quarter and bend it a little a couple of times to gently remove the gum paste.

make an inprint in the porthole


Cut out the flower using the carnation cutter.

make inprint with nozzle


Use two-third of the remaining gum paste to make a boll for the next flower.

create 3 screws


Press the edges of the petals thinner using a finger.

paint the porthole


Form more and smaller petals by cutting each petal in three smaller leafs.

Use the piece of gum paste to fill the figurine


Dust a tooth pick and frill each of the now 15 petals of the flower.

paint the figurines


Take one of the green fluted circles and press the edges thinner using your fingers.

glue the figurines


Dampen the green calyx and adjust it to the back of the flower.

glue the figurines


Place the flower gently in the foil cup and leave the flowers to dry. I prefer at least a day as the flowers get less breakable.

glue the figurines


Mix two bowls with different amounts of blue dusting powder and alcohol to make two shades of blue. Mix two bowls with different amounts of blue and lavender dusting powder to make two shades of lavender blue. The two greens are for the flower centers.

glue the figurines


Color the back of the flower petals using the lighter shade of blue. When finished, leave the flower upside down to dry. Now color the second flower.

glue the figurines


Pick up the now dried first flower and color the petals on the front. Lift the flower a bit on its side so the excessive color fluid will flow on the tissue. Use the lighter shade blue first for the whole petal. Then paint the second flower. Use the darker shade blue to darken the petals edges a bit. You can create some variation in coloring for the different flowers using the lavender blue and extra color layers.

glue the figurines


Make watery paint using the light green dusting powder and much alcohol. Paint the flower heart of the first flower. Let it dry and paint the second flower heart.

glue the figurines


Make watery paint using the darker green dusting powder and much alcohol. Let the paint flow into the center of the flower heart like a spider web. You sometimes need a drop of alcohol on top to advance the flow.

glue the figurines


Finish all flowers in different shades to get a realistic look.

Materials needed, Edible items

  • white edible gum paste
  • green edible gum paste
  • dusting powder, royal blue
  • dusting powder, lavender
  • dusting powder, light spring green
  • dusting powder, mid green
  • clear alcohol

Materials needed, Tools

  • metal carnation cookie cutter (Stadter)
  • fluted cutter, 3.5cm (Ateco)
  • round cutter, 5cm (Ateco)
  • cocktail pick
  • knife
  • plastic sheets
  • paint brushes (fine, 0 or 1)
  • rolling pin
  • aluminum foil
  • tea strainer
  • cornflower puff for dusting
  • Scabious flower mould (Art2Bite)


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